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Help with ANXIETY and STRESS




Help with Anxiety 

What if you could grow beyond your fears to go through life courageously and just do what you enjoy?

Scientific research has repeatedly shown how fast and effective hypnotherapy can help with anxiety disorders. Even in the first session you will feel relief after the hypnosis. In addition, I will teach you techniques, e.g. from brain research, which will enable you to help yourself.

Whether you have a generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, suffer from panic attacks, social anxiety, fear of flying, exam anxiety, fear of speaking in public, or a specific phobia such as agoraphobia, social phobia, fear of heights, claustrophobia or phobia of spiders you will be amazed to see how quickly your situation improves.

Together, we will free you from your fears and find your way to a happier and more relaxed future.

Help with Stress 

What if you could easily update your brain in order to get rid of stress and to feel comfortable and relaxed in every situation?

Through hypnosis, you will experience inner peace and deep relaxation. At last you will be able to breathe easily again. Your self-healing powers will be stimulated so that your body can free itself from the permanent stress mode of the "fight or flight" mechanism and return to the mode of natural relaxation. Through countless scientific studies, it has now been clearly proven that high stress levels make the body ill. We also know that chronic stress reduces or prevents neurogenesis, the formation of new brain cells, and even shrinks the brain.

I will give you tools to help you relax quickly, control negative thoughts, and become more resilient. In addition, you will feel more energy and joie de vivre again.

Together, we will free you from stress and find your way to a more a happier and more relaxed future.

Individual Sessions

What if your life was suddenly filled with love, laughter and light?


Free Consultation
The first contact takes place in a free and non-binding consultation - in my office, online or by phone. We use the information from this consultation in the first session so that we can start working on your desired change quickly.


My Prices

Hypnosis and coaching session (60 minutes):

  • 120 €

Young people in education (10- to 25-year-old students): 

  • get a 10% discount of the price above

Special offers are available.


As a non-medical practitioner I am exempt from VAT according to §4 No. 14 UStG. Therefore, you will only pay the above prices.

My Way of Working

I always work very individually with my clients. This means that I collect as much information as possible about you, your desire for change and your vision. Together, we decide which path and which methods are best. Even after the first session, you will experice a positive change.

Individual Session in my Office

I usually teach my clients effective techniques from neuroscience and stress research. Using these methods you can carry on the change work at home. In addition, you can look forward to feeling wonderful, empowered and relaxed during and after hypnosis.


The hypnosis itself consists of 3 parts:

- The initiation and deepening of the trance, which is necessary to gain access to the      

   subconscious mind,

- Working with the subconscious mind in a trance state in order to change negative beliefs and

   behaviours easily and permanently and thus creating the basis for your easier, more relaxed and    

   happier life and

- Ending the hypnosis by bringing you back to your normal state.


After the session, your subconscious mind continues working on the implementation of the suggestions and images given in trance in order to help make your desired change and your goal a reality. Clients report that by the end of the first session they feel very relaxed, more positive and more confident.

Love Your Life Program

As part of my Love-your-Life Program I offer courses and lectures on various topics. 

Here is a selection:

A Happier, Easier, and More Successful Life

Become the master of your destiny
Together we will find your vision of your ideal life. I will teach you proven techniques that I use myself. These methods can be used in many different situations and help you to change your life in such a way that it becomes progressively happier, easier and more successful.

Passing Exams Easily

Tackle every exam calmly and confidently 
This course will help you, whether you are worried about exams or want to prepare effectively for an upcoming exam. My preparation methods are equally effective for written, oral or practical exams such as the practical driving license exam.


An Easier Life for You and Your Child

Support children and teens successfully and at the same time look after yourself
I was always very grateful that I had helpful techniques I could teach to my own children to support them with any problems.

I would like to pass on these useful techniques to you. 

Amongst the topics we will cover are:

  • How can I talk to my child so that he or she will listen to me?

  • How do I stay in contact with my child in difficult situations?

  • How can I help my child if she or he is being bullied?

  • How can I help my child become more confident?

  • What can I do to strengthen and calm myself?


Leaving Stress Behind

Beat stress through progressive muscle relaxation and other stress busting techniques

Learn to overcome stress through progressive muscle relaxation and other stress management techniques.
I will show you effective techniques that will make you cope with stress more effectively. One of these methods is Progressive Muscle Relaxation, which I have successfully taught to hundreds of people. Even children can easily learn it. Our goal is to enable you to recognize stress early in order to shift into a more relaxed state of mind quickly. Then you will enjoy your life again.


Help Yourself with Self-Hypnosis

Learn self-hypnosis to easily access your subconscious mind

With the technique of self-hypnosis you can easily hypnotize yourself in order to realize your wishes and visions. You will learn a proven method to put yourself into a trance, how to create effective hypno-affirmations and inner images and how to end a successful self-hypnosis well. In this way you can influence your own well-being in a surprisingly effective manner.

Contact me

If you are interested, have any questions or would like a

free consultation please send me an email or give me a call.

I look forward to receiving a message from you! 


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