Testimonials from clients that I have already helped:

Jessica (31), Assistant Head Teacher 

I had spent the last term crying most mornings, feeling very depressed and not wanting to go to school. Britt helped me to learn ways in which to cope with the stress I faced at work and with my personal emotional stresses. The hypnosis sessions proved amazing and I am still feeling the effects today. I can’t thank Britt enough for giving me the skills to change my life. I have just started a new school year, I’m feeling relaxed and positive and I know, when the going gets tough, I have the skills to relax myself and deal with my worries.

Julian (57), Teacher

Having worked in teaching for many years I was becoming increasingly stressed and negative towards my job as a classroom teacher. A friend recommended hypnosis. I found it very easy to talk to Britt about my situation from the beginning. Going into trance was amazingly easy for me. I was surprised that during hypnosis I was aware of what was going on around me but at the same time I felt incredibly relaxed and at peace. This feeling of inner calm stayed with me long after each session. I am now a much happier and more positive teacher who is enjoying the classroom again!

Lena (26), Student

I had a hypnosis session with Britt about 2 weeks before my final exams at university. I suffer from exam anxiety and this influences my self-confidence in test situations. Britt has a very pleasant and warm manner and I felt very comfortable with her straight away. At the beginning, I answered a few questions about myself and then we got started with the hypnosis. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and free. I felt much more relaxed towards the coming exams. People around me had the same impression – I seemed a lot more laid-back to them. I can honestly recommend Britt and am looking forward to the next session

Anne (60), Educational Psychologist

Initially, I felt sceptical towards hypnosis. However, after one session this feeling changed to enthusiasm. Mrs. Oldfield’s approach and personal warmth made it easy for me to trust her and as a consequence I was able to relax quickly.
Experiencing emerging feelings and seeing inner images during hypnosis was very informative and gave me valuable insights. Afterwards I was filled with a sense of relief and emotional security feeling very calm inside.

To protect the anonymity of my clients I have changed their names. However, the age and occupation are correct.

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