Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy

Hypnosis Coach


Special Education Teacher

I will help you to overcome your fears and phobias.


I will help you to overcome chronic stress.


Together we will change your life so that you will feel happier and become more successful.

Search for a better life

I used to worry a lot and frequently felt anxious and stressed. But even then I thought that there had to be ways and methods to lead a happier, easier and more successful life. And luckily there are! And of course it is even more fortunate that I have found great methods that really work through my training as a non-medical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, attending many courses and reading countless books. Many of these techniques have there origin in English-speaking countries.

Proven methods for experiencing more ease and joy

I will support you in leaving fears, phobias, panic attacks and stress behind, so that you can feel happy again and enjoy your life. I myself use those fantastic techniques regularly and have already taught them to many adults and children. My clients tell me - what I myself also experience again and again: that my methods work quickly and that they soon experience more happiness and joy again.

Brain research and the subconscious mind will show you the way to a better life

My involvement with brain research and the subconscious, in particular, have shown me that we are all capable of change. I find it inspiring to see which amazing life improvements are possible, especially with hypnosis. Of course, the clinical hypnotherapy I work with so successfully has nothing to do with show hypnosis. On the contrary, you will be able to turn unwanted behaviours and thought patterns very quickly into positive ones in order to regain control over your life.

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Praxis für heilkundliche Psychotherapie,integratives Coaching und Hypnose

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