Leave anxiety and stress behind

Fill your

life with love, laughter and


Just imagine how fantastic your future would be without anxiety and stress and instead you felt strong and optimistic in every situation.

Discover how you can reprogram your brain and what you can do so that your subconscious mind will help you easily and effectively make your wishes and dreams come true.

And then ... Look forward to your new life filled with love,

laughter and light!


About Me


Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy

Hypnosis Coach


Special Education Teacher

I will help you to overcome your fears and phobias.


I will help you to overcome chronic stress.


Together we will change your life so that you will feel happier and become more successful.


My Services

Help with Anxiety 

What if you could grow beyond your fears to go through life courageously and just do what you enjoy?

Individual Sessions

What if your life was suddenly filled with love, laughter and light?


Book your Free Consultation now and find out how I can help you.

Help with Stress

What if you could easily update your brain in order to get rid of stress and to feel comfortable and relaxed in every situation?

Love Your Life Program

As part of the Love Your Life

Program I offer courses and lectures.

Here is a selection:


A Happier, Easier and More Successful Life

Pass Exams Easily

Help Yourself with Self-Hypnosis

Leaving Stress Behind

Testimonials from clients that I have already helped:

Fern Plant

“Britt has a very pleasant and warm manner and I felt very comfortable with her straight away.” 

—  Lena (26), Student


Contact me

If you are interested, have any questions or would like a

free consultation please send me an email or give me a call.

I look forward to receiving a message from you! 


Praxis für heilkundliche Psychotherapie,integratives Coaching und Hypnose

Espenstraße 10c
82291 Mammendorf

08145 - 417 9871

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Britt Oldfield  Praxis für heilkundliche Psychotherapie, integratives Coaching und Hypnose

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